Qualifications: Passed the Stage 1 Badge with ability to skate backwards (with push and glide) the length of the large rink. (All new skaters, regardless of skill level must register for Pre-CanSkate for assessment purposes. Skaters will be placed in a group based on their skill level immediately after the assessment on the first day)

Description: Advances the child's basic skating skills in accordance with Skate Canada's CanSkate Program. Skaters learn edge control, crosscuts and turns, with emphasis on balance, agility and control under the new Skate Canada Program. All the basic skills needed for hockey and/or figure skating. CSA approved hockey helmets are mandatory. Under no circumstances will bicycle or ski helmets be allowed to be worn during sessions.


The Coordinator for all of our various CanSkate (including Adult CanSkate) program is Cristina Italia. If you have any questions or concerns about the program, she is the best person to contact in the first instance. If you still have concerns, please speak to Tanja in the office who will help or direct you to the appropriate Club Board member.