STARSkate sessions are divided by test levels to ensure ice safety and awareness amongst fellow skaters. Skaters must register for the level they qualify for. STARSkate A-C skaters must skate a minimum of 2 days/week. Please ensure that your skater has read and understands the Skater's Etiquette.


Skaters must have passed CanSkate Stage 6. Sessions will have 15 minutes of theatre/stroking (this alternates weekly), as well as 30 minutes of group lessons focussing on skills, jumps, spins and dance. Groups will be created based on skill level of the skaters, pending registration numbers. Free time is available for private or semi-private lessons, and to work independently. Skaters must obtain the services of a club coach.

At this level they are introduced to the Skate Canada testing stream. At certain times throughout the season, Skate Canada judges will come to the club to assess skaters in dance, skills and freeskate. This is not mandatory, although testing is required in order to move to the higher STARSkate levels. More information can be found under the Test Day.



Skaters must have passed all  Skate Canada Preliminary tests (Dances, Skills, Free Skate 1 & 2). Sessions will have up to 30 minutes of group lessons.



Skaters must have passed JR Bronze Freeskate (1 & 2), as well as SR Bronze Dances or SR Bronze Skills. Most sessions will have 15 minutes of stroking at the start or end of session.