SkateCanada's Long-Term Athlete Development

Since 2005, all of the National Sports Bodies in Canada have designed sport-specific developmental pathways which their athletes follow to produce optimal training, competition, and recovery regimens from childhood through all phases of adulthood. This development is part of a coordinated effort with a variety of education and health organisations to improve the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada under the umbrella of Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L). SkateCanada's earliest stage (Learn-to-Skate) is implemented as CanSkate. The second stage, Learn-to-Train, focuses on the acquisition of good foundational figure skating skills in a non-competitive environment. At WTSC this stage is provided through our instructional StarSkate 1 program. Skaters may move on to Learn-to-Compete, Train-to-Compete and finally Active-for-Life stages. A detailed description of SkateCanada's LTAD model can be found here.


SkateCanada's STAR 1-5 Program

Do you want to know more about how SkateCanada's new STAR 1-5 program works? Here are the links to SkateCanada's site:

STAR 1-5 Parent Guide

STAR 1-5  Technical Requirements Chart (pdf)