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Coaching and Lessons


Private Lessons


Private lessons are available to skaters in the club registered in the STAR, SR STAR, ADULT and ADULT RisingSTAR Categories. The Program Director can provide information about private lessons and advice about whether they would benefit from them. Skaters working at the STAR 2 and higher level develop their own solo program through semi private and/or private lessons. 



Engaging a Coach


Private lessons can be organized by the club. Skaters (and their families) contract individually with a coach. Coaches set their own rates, according to their experience and qualifications, usually expressed as an hourly fee. Choosing a coach is an individual decision. A list of coaches is available through the Club office and here. Sometimes skaters/coaches arrange to take a trial lesson from a coach, to ensure that personalities and teaching/learning styles are compatible.

Coaching arrangements, including payment, are made directly with the coach, who operates independently of the Club. It is advisable to discuss expectations in advance. Coaches will expect skaters to be prompt and to attend lessons regularly, and to give advance notice whenever possible if a lesson must be missed.

Skaters can expect coaches to be in attendance; sometimes, however, coaches may have to miss a scheduled lesson in order to attend competitions, tests, or educational workshops with other skaters. In such cases the coach is expected to provide advance notice when a lesson must be cancelled or rescheduled.


Skater-coach diplomacy


There is a nice article in the publication produced by the US Figure Skating federation (here), which gives some really useful advice about communicating with a private coach and how to change coaches if necessary.  

Skaters experiencing conflict with a coach are encouraged to meet with the coach to discuss the problem. If a skater plans to change coaches, for any reason, the coach should be advised of the decision, by phone or in person, and outstanding coaching fees must be paid in full. Keeping relations cordial contributes to a productive and cooperative atmosphere in the Club generally.


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