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Skate Canada trains and certifies their coaches under the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) standards set by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC). All coaches must go through Skate Canada’s NCCP and hold an active status. Throughout coach training, coaches earn different NCCP statuses to further their coach qualifications.

In this respect, a coach’s NCCP status reflects the level they are qualified to coach. Any coach instructing in Skate Canada clubs or schools must have an active NCCP status and be registered as a Skate Canada Professional Coach for the current membership season.

Zoe Angermeyer

Learn to Skate

Signe Barlow

Learn to Skate, RisingSTAR, STAR, SR STAR

Kaitlyn Campbell-Merriam

Learn to Skate, RisingSTAR, STAR

Hannah Crabtree

Learn to Skate, RisingSTAR, STAR, Off-Ice Conditioning

Michael Coreno

Program Director

Jessica Cunha

Learn to Skate, RisingSTAR, STAR, SR STAR, Power Skating, Off-Ice Conditioning

Lucy Driver

Learn to Skate

Kelly Ebers

Learn to Skate, RisingSTAR, STAR, SR STAR, Power Skating

Kathrine Egge

Learn to Skate

Marsha Engel

Learn to Skate, RisingSTAR, SR STAR, Off-Ice Conditioning

Evelyn Fallah

Learn to Skate

Simone Hedley

Learn to Skate


Todd Holland

Learn to Skate, RisingSTAR, STAR, SR STAR, Power Skating


Nora Hollands

Learn to Skate, Teen/Adults, RisingSTAR, STAR, SR STAR, Off-Ice Conditioning

Veronika Katsiuk

Learn to Skate




Keana Lu

Learn to Skate

Christina Mancini

Learn to Skate, RisingSTAR, STAR, SR STAR

Allison Proudfoot


Anna Tsarouchas

Learn to Skate, RisingSTAR

Zoe Tsiakas

Learn to Skate

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