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STARSkate Gala 2018


WTSC was well represented at competitions in Ontario this year. Nora L. qualified for Provincials in Kingston again this year!


The new STAR 1-5 testing system was implemented and a record 90+ tests were passed. High tests (SR Bronze-Diamond) were also tested and an impressive amount passed with flying colours. Congratulations to the skaters and their coaches for their hard work!


Our nominees for the Skate Ontario awards went to these fine skaters:

CanSkater of the Year: Dana K.
STARSkate of the Year: Jet L.
Program Assistant of the Year: Zoe A.


Gold Tests Passed:

Interpretive Gold: Catherine Z.


The Donna Iijima Award for Dedication to the sport and to our club goes to Gabrielle M.



STARSkate Gala 2017


These skaters represented WTSC with pride and hard work at competitions this
season. Keswick, Snowflake, COS STARSkate, Skate Ontario, March Mania,
Thornhil FUN Competition and Scarboro Skate. Congratulations!


2017 Test Day Achievers:

Preliminary Dance Preliminary Skills Preliminary Freeskate
Clare B. Zoe A. Abigail C.
Woeser L. Abigail C. Katherine E.
Allegra O. Katherine E. Aveline G.
Sofia V. Aveline G. Anika G.
Sakura Y. Jet L. Jet L.
  Mattaeus. M Julia M.
  Taylor N. Taylor N.
  Sofia V.  


Junior Bronze Dance Junior Bronze Skills Junior Bronze Freeskate 
Katherine E. Abigail C. Lelia C.
  Aveline G. Katherine E.
  Julia M. Evelyn F.
  Gabrielle M. Anika G.
    Chiara M.
    Isabelle M.
    Andrew P.


Senior Bronze Dance Senior Bronze Skills
Evelyn F. Lelia C.
Anika G. Anika G.
Gabrielle M.  
Andrew P.  


Junior Silver Dance Junior Silver Skills Junior Silver Freeskate
Kimberlee F. Kimberlee F. Nora L.
Nora L.   Chunhui L.
Lucas M.    


Senior Silver Dance Senior Silver Skills Gold Dance Gold Skills
Catherine Z. Lucas M. Catherine Z. Chunhui L.
      Catherine Z.


Introductory Interpretive Bronze Interpretive Silver Interpretive
Kimberlee F. Kimberlee F. Catherine Z.
Alyssia M. Catherine Z.  
Catherine Z.    



Our Pre-CanSkate & CanSkate coaches appreciate having our Program Assisstants help out on the session year round! THANK YOU


 CanSkater of the Year Georgio V.
 STARSkater of the Year Alyssia M.
 Program Assistant of the Year Aveline G.
 COS Club Flagbearer Evelyn F.



STARSkate Gala 2016



2016 Skate Canada Test Achievers:

Preliminary Dance Preliminary Skills Preliminary Freeskate
Zoe A Evelyn F Brynn B
Abigail C Gabrielle M Lelia C
Katherine E   Evelyn F
Aveline G   Chiara M
Jet L   Isabelle M
Mattaeus M   Gabrielle M
Venus M   Andrew P
Taylor N    
Nirvana S    


Junior Bronze Dances Junior Bronze Skills
Lelia C Lelia C
Evelyn F Evelyn F
Sadie M Sadie M
Julia M Alyssia M
Isabelle M Isabelle M
Gabrielle M  
Andrew P  


Senior Bronze Dance Senior Bronze Skills Senior Bronze Freeskate
Lelia C Andrew P Nora L
Chiara M Catherine Z Chunhui L


Junior Silver Dances Junior Silver Skills Senior Silver Skills Gold Dance
Chloe V Chunhui L Chunhui L Sam B
Catherine Z Lucas M   Chunhui L
  Chloe V    
  Catherine Z    


CanSkater of the Year Jet L.
PA of the Year Alyssia
STARSkater of the Year Chiara M.
COS Club Flagbearer Catherine Z.


These skaters represented WTSC at Keswick, Club Competition, Snowflake,
COS STARSkate, Skate Ontario Championships, Thornhill Fun Comp, Scarboro


Thank you to Nora and Cristina for guiding our Program Assistants and
making our CanSkate program so much fun for our skaters!


The winner of this year's Donna Iijima Award for dedication to skating, hard work and effort. Nora L demonstrates all this and more, qualifying for the COS Championships in Sudbury where she finished in 7th place overall for all of Ontario.



How could our club run without the help of our volunteers. Our 1st Parent Volunteer Award is given to Patti L for her help with club events. Test Day would not run as smoothly if not for the hard work of Heather C. Thank you for all your years committed to WTSC.




STARSkate Gala 2015



2015 Skate Canada Test Achievers:

Preliminary Dance Preliminary Skills Preliminary Freeskate
Lelia C. Rachelle A. Catherine Z.
Evelyn F. Lelia C.  
Sadie M. Anika G.  
Isabelle M. Nora L.  
Gabrielle M. Sadie M.  
Pilar P. Alyssia M.  
Andrew P. Chiara M.  
  Isabelle M  
  Andrew P.  


JR.Bronze Dance JR.Bronze Skills JR. Bronze Freeskate SR.Bronze Dance
Rachelle A. Anika G. Nora L. Kimberlee F.
Anika G. Nora L. Alyssia M. Nora L.
Chiara M. Chiara M. Catherine Z. Alyssia M.
  Andrew P.   Lucas M.
  Catherine Z.   Catherine Z.


SR.Bronze Skills JR.Silver Dance SR.Silver Dance
Chunhui L. Chloe V. Chunhui L.
Lucas M.    


Our skaters who represented the club at Snowflake Skate, March Mania, Thornhill FUN and Scarboro Skate.


Some of our 17 PA's who assist our coaches on the CanSkate sessions. Congratulations to Chloe and Catherine on achieving PA of the Year!



Congratulations to our COS Margaret Garrison Gala Nominees:

CanSkater of the Year Isla M.
PA of the Year Catherine Z.
STARSkater of the Year Nora L.
Club Flagbearer Alyssia M.



STARSkate Gala 2014

2014 was the first year of the West Toronto Skating Club's annual Gala recognizing the accomplishments of our skaters. Thank you to our coaches and parents for helping our skaters achieve all that they did this year.


Our Skate Canada Test Achievers


Here are our skaters who represented us very well this 2013/14 season in outside competitions.


Congratulations Michael on passing your Gold Skills.


This year's winner of the Donna Iijima Award for Dedication to the sport.




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