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Next Test Day: Tuesday, June 18, 2019



6:30 Flood
6:40 Warm-up for Katherine and Daric (5 minutes)
6:45 Junior Sliver Program
Katherine Egge
Senior Silver Skills
Daric Shi
6:55 Warm-up for Bronze and Silver Dances (Sakura, Sofia, Zoe and Emma) (10 minutes)
7:05 Senior Bronze Dances
Sofia Videla-Moeller (Fourteen Step) – partnered by Eric
Sakura Yano (Fourteen Step) – partnered by Eric
Sofia Videla-Moeller (European) – partnered by Eric
Junior Silver Dances
Zoe Angermeyer (Keats Foxtrot) – partnered by Eric
Zoe Angermeyer (Harris Tango) – partnered by Eric
Senior Silver Dances
Emma Smith (Killian)
7:25 Warm-up for Gold Dances (Daric, Nora, Veronica)
Gold Dances
Daric Shi (Viennese)
Nora Lowe (Viennese)
Daric Shi (Quickstep)
Nora Lowe (Silver Samba)
Veronika Katsiuk (Westminster Waltz) – partnered with Eric
7:50 Warm up for Diamond Dances
Diamond Dance
Kyle Sung (Tango Romantica)

8:00 End



What is Test Day?


Once a skater reaches the StarSkate level, progress in Freeskate, Skating Skills and Dance is evaluated by external Skate Canada certified evaluators on Test Days. Skaters move up to more advanced levels based on the tests they have successfully completed. The experience of testing can be a little overwhelming (for both parents and skaters), but Test Days are also occasions for the club to get together and celebrate the achievements of our skaters. All members of the club are welcome to join in, and sometimes (depending on the time and number of skaters testing) a community meal is organized.  

During test days, all sessions are cancelled except CanSkate. Any exceptions will be communicated via email.     

Skaters wishing to test must hold a WTSC membership. For spring/summer test days, a 1-day membership is required.

Tests are held on pre-determined days, sanctioned by the Central Ontario Section of Skate Canada. Test Days Low/Intermediate/High for the 2016/17 season are tentatively scheduled for the following dates and schedules will be posted in the rink and online approximately 1 week prior to test day:

  • Scheduling depends on the availability of Evaluators and may change after initial posting.
  • Skaters are responsible for checking the schedules regularly prior to Test Day.


Test Lists Submitted by Coach Test Envelope Due with Fees
(Pull Date)
Test Day
Tues Oct 23, 2018 Thurs Nov 1, 2018 Thurs Nov 15, 2018
Tues Jan 22, 2019 Tues Jan 29, 2019 Tues Feb 12, 2019
TBA TBA Tues April 16, 2019


All skaters should be at the arena and ready to skate at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled skate time.


Test Applications - Forms and Payment


The Skater's coach is responsible for letting the Test Chair know (a minimum of three weeks prior to test day) that you are going to be taking a test. The coach will give you a “test day” envelope. The form on this envelope needs to be filled in with the information specific to your test, and the test fee payable by cash or cheque (made out to West Toronto Skating Club), placed inside the envelope and returned to your coach or to the office no later than the date listed above.

Each time a test is tried, there are 2 fees which total $15 per test:

  • Skate Canada fee of $12 per test tried. This fee is sent directly to Skate Canada.
  • West Toronto Skating Club Administration Fee of $3/test tried. This fee is used to pay test expenses, such as judge travel expenses, test day forms etc.

These fees must be paid in full prior to testing.




All tests are evaluated according to criteria provided by Skate Canada. Skaters are not compared to each other; each skater is evaluated on an individual basis. If a skater does not pass, the test may be “retried” at a future test day. There is no limit as to the number of times that a skater may attempt a test, but it cannot be retried on the same day.


Test Day Attire


Skaters should consult their coach for guidance on appropriate attire for testing, but it is best to keep it simple! Although pants/unitards are now allowed for female skaters, as a general rule our skaters wear a simple skating dress or dance skirt and form fitting top. There is a selection of suitable gently used dresses in the Club Store which is a cost-effective way of finding a dress for the test. Skating tights are usually beige and are thicker than nylons. They should fit well and be in good condition; no pilling or rips. Packing an extra pair in case of an unexpected tear is a good idea! Tights are also for sale in the office. Male skaters must wear sleeves (no tank-style tops) and full-length trousers.
A jacket or sweater and gloves may be worn during the warm-up period immediately prior to a Test. Remember to practice in your test outfit at least once before test day to ensure it looks good and doesn’t impede your skating.




When a skater knows that he/she will be trying a Test, ask the coach if their skates need sharpening. Coaches will be able to recommend a reputable sharpening service. Sharpening should be planned so that the skater has several sessions to practice on the sharpened blades prior to the Test Day to allow them to get used to the feel of them.

A broken or loose skate lace may result in a deduction if you are forced to stop. Check those laces and pack an extra pair in your skate bag. (Be sure they are the right length!)

Hair and Make-up

Long hair should be pulled back away from the face. A bun, braid or ponytail are good choices. Be sure hair is well secured so it won’t fall out part way through the test. Secure and smooth wispy hair with gel or hairspray. Makeup is optional.


Test Day Tips


Scheduling is not an “exact science” and we do sometimes run ahead or behind schedule.

Skaters should register with their Coach on arrival and remain in Dressing Room/ Bleachers area until time for their warm up. Parents, when your skater is dressed and has found his/her coach, leave your skater and head for the stands. Skaters must prepare mentally before testing, and this is difficult to do with family milling around.

Skaters not checked in 15 minutes before the warm up commences for their test category will forfeit the opportunity to test.  No credit will be issued and the test will be marked as a retry.

Skaters should be courteous of other skaters taking Tests by keeping the volume of noise to a minimum while in the Dressing Room and by the boards.

The test judge typically sits in the box near centre ice. This area must be kept free of spectators; the stands near the lobby end of the arena are reserved for spectators. Ensure that all young spectators/siblings also remain away from that area – running back and forth by the boards is not permitted during testing.

When the skater’s test is complete, skaters should wait in the dressing room or the stands for the test results. The Test Chair will bring the results to the Skater's coach, but they have to check the result and record it on SkateCanada forms before they hand them over. This takes time. 

Skaters and parents should not communicate with the judges.  If the skater requires feedback or clarification on their test sheet, consult your coach.

Please check your skater’s record regularly at Skate Canada > Members Only and especially 6-8 weeks after a test day which they took part in to ensure that the records are accurate.


Test Levels


With the new STAR 1-5 tests, the following tests are considered High Tests and will be evaluated on Test Day before a Skate Canada judge.  Your coach will tell you when you are ready for testing.


Part 1 = Elements

Part 2 = Program

Skating Skills Dance Interpretative

Senior Bronze (Part 1 and Part 2)

Senior Bronze

Senior Bronze (3 of 4): Ten-Fox, European Waltz, Fourteenstep, Bronze Creative Dance


Junior Silver (Part 1 and Part 2) Junior Silver Jr. Silver: Keats’ Foxtrot, American Waltz, Harris Tango, Rocker Foxtrot Bronze

Senior Silver (Part 1 and Part 2)

Senior Silver

Sr. Silver (4 of 6): Paso Doble, Starlight Waltz, Kilian, Blues, Cha Cha Congelado, Silver Creative Dance


Gold (Part 1 and Part 2)


Gold (4 of 6): Viennese Waltz, Westminster Waltz, Quickstep, Argentine Tango, Silver Samba, Gold Creative Dance




Diamond (4 of 6): Rhumba, Ravensburger, Yankee Polka, Tango Romantica, Golden Waltz Austrian Waltz


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