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posted Dec 6, 2021, 3:18 PM

4:45pm STAR 8/9/Gold/Diamond Dances Warm-up

4:55pm Rocker Foxtrot 8B Zoe Angermeyer 

4:59pm Silver Samba 9C Keana Lu

5:03pm Starlight Waltz 8C Zoe Angermeyer 

5:07pm Quickstep 10C Keana Lu

5:11pm Argentine Tango Gold B Keana Lu

5:15pm Rhumba Diamond Nora Lowe

5:19pm Skills/Elements/Program Warm-up

5:29pm STAR 7 Skills Sarah Mackel 

5:35pm STAR 8 Skills Sarah Mackel

5:41pm STAR 6 Elements Eric Cao 

5:59pm STAR 6 Program Eric Cao

6:03pm Star 6/7 Dances Warm-up

6:13pm Ten Fox 6A Zoe Tsiakas 

6:17pm Ten Fox 6A Dechen Kalden Rayaultsang 

6:21pm Ten Fox 6A Lucy Driver-Grey

6:25pm Ten Fox 6A Eric Cao

6:29pm European Waltz 6B Simone Hedley

6:33pm European Waltz 6B Sarah Mackel

6:37pm European Waltz 6B Lucy Driver-Grey

6:41pm Fourteenstep 6C Simone Hedley

6:45pm Fourteenstep 6C Sarah Mackel

6:49pm Fourteenstep 6C Lucy Driver-Grey

6:53pm Foxtrot 7A Simone Hedley

6:57pm END

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